Initially, way back in 2004, yukongis.ca was put up to make it easier for the Yukon Advanced GIS Users Group to share their technical tips and workarounds in a venue with more permanence than email. It was created as a means for the YAUG to keep up to date on the latest technical tips, bugs, and workarounds.

What’s this YGLUG I hear about then?  The Yukon GIS {some L-word} Users Group was an informal after-hours social club. It was open to anybody with an interest in GIS, actively using it or not. The meetings may or may not be actually about GIS, and often were not.

Envisioned as a community site yukongis.ca never really gained momentum that way, essentially becoming a blog for the main protagonist and troublemaker, Matt Wilkie. Both YAUG and GLUG fizzled out sometime around 2010, as did the website. There was a brief period in 2013-14 when it showed some signs of waking.

Now in 2017, we’re trying again. Let’s see what happens. Smile

Contributors wanted. Save this piece of fine web real estate from being only Matt’s mouthpiece.

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