Go to Juneau in 3D in a browser

Viewing lidar point clouds in a browser is several years old now. Still, I find myself stopping in awe when I encounter it again. It’s still amazing to me that this much data can be read and shown and spun and flown through at will on a laptop in a web browser.

USGS 3DEP LiDAR Point Clouds

1653 nodes (at present)
> 34,000,000,000,000 points
publicly view, inspect, and measure in browser:
download selections via script or command line (ref)
Home page: https://registry.opendata.aws/usgs-lidar/

Node #4 of 1653:

Juneau, Alaska
2.2 billion points
78 gigabytes uncompressed

Measuring area [go to view] (via potree visualization tool; fast to load and manipulate, algorithmic colour, measuring tools)

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