– end of an era

image“Service end of life” – greeted me this evening as I visited,, a long time member of my hero list. They provided performant web map services of the north years before Esri figured out how to get there with ArcGIS Online. I probably used their rendition of scanned Canadian Topo maps the most (not least because I gave them 300dpi version of YT 250k NTS maps that we scanned and georeferenced ourselves at work. Winking smile). Aside from better performance it was useful because it provided seamless coverage of Alaska, Yukon and NWT at medium scale.

They’re not disappearing, just reorganizing and transitioning to a subscription based model. You gotta love the payment method for their entry level subscription of “10 day guest pass, price: $0, payment method: karma”. Read about the transition at –>

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