Improve Adobe Reader map display

(original post date unknown. 2012 is close though.)

It’s always bugged me that most maps in Adobe Reader turn our carefully selected colours and lineweights, optimised for best print quality, into a mishmash of spaghetti lines when viewed. Today I discovered a really simply fix: turn off “Enhance thin lines” preference, and that’s it. (Now if only there were some way we could embed that hint into the pdf file itself, and then we wouldn’t need to direct people to this page, or perhaps step on the toes of other documents that need thin lines enhanced.)

Tested with Adobe Reader X v10 on Windows 7. For what it’s worth, Nitro PDF Reader v2 displays maps properly out of the box. However when printing it’s lines are tad on the thin side relative to adobe reader, but depending on circumstance that could be what what you want.

(click through for full size)


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