This website was put up to make it easier for the Yukon GIS Users Group to share their technical tips and workarounds in a venue with more permanence than email. The mailing list for the users group is handled by Nicole Parry and Matt Wilkie; just send one of them a message to be added or removed from the list.

Flattr thisOngoing administration and hosting of the website is personally handled by Matt and currently costs ~$50/yr. The purpose for listing on Flattr is to help defray hosting .  Anything above $50/yr will be donated to Kiva,  a crowd sourced micro-loan charity, towards their operating costs.  Kiva is not a tax deductible charitable organisation in Canada,  so Matt won’t receive any tax credit from this.


This is the 4rth iteration of yukongis.ca.

Initially it was a wiki knowledgebase, using the twiki engine. It was very useful for some time, but I [Matt] got tired of struggling with the domain-specific macro language that couldn’t be used anywhere else, and other potential collaborators were even less interested in using it. Then around about 2007(?) we migrated to the Mindtouch wiki engine. This provided a huge usability boost, but collaboration wasn’t happening anyway. Since the site had essentially turned into “Matt’s GIS site” instead of a user group site according to the original vision, I acquired the domain from Yukon Government and carried on. No one had complained, but it just didn’t feel right to have tax dollars funding a personal project, lofty inception ideas notwithstanding.

Mindtouch put their sights solidly on the big E enterprise market, and every new release upped the hardware requirements and the open source core became more and more marginalized. Without any users and a platform evolving out from underneath me I exported the site to static html, where it sat frozen for several years.

Now, in early 2014, I’ve decided it’s time to use it or lose it. It’s just not on to be sitting on a domain name like this and not be putting it to good use. By this time in 2015 if it doesn’t have a new lease on life it’ll be time to close the doors.

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